How to Build an Effective SIAM Operating Model

How to Build an Effective SIAM Operating Model

Models are important because they provide us with both a representation of an entity and a template to work with. In the same vein, a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model provides organizations with guidance on vendor management among multiple suppliers of IT services.

Developing an effective SIAM model entails discovering the best approach for an organization working in a multi-vendor operating model.

This article unpacks what the SIAM operating model involves, and how it provides the strategic framework for IT departments to productively manage multiple vendors. 

A comprehensive understanding of SIAM is a necessary prerequisite to successfully implementing a SIAM model.

What is a SIAM Model?

At its core, SIAM is an IT service delivery model. SIAM can be defined as an “operating model which organizations adopt when working in a multi-service provider model”.

In this model, the SIAM provider is mandated to act on behalf of the business in managing services from multiple IT delivery towers. The purpose of a SIAM model is to ensure IT multisourcing delivery and multisourcing integration are seamless and strategic.

There’s a lot of flexibility in a SIAM operating model so it’ll also appeal to those seeking a broad set of ideas for implementation. 

Below are some of the high-level considerations to kickstart a SIAM process model:

  • Processes are an indisputable part of an organization’s SIAM model
  • Though SIAM relies on processes, SIAM is NOT a process
  • The SIAM model requires a collaborative approach in order to be successful
  • There isn’t a one-size-fits-all so many service providers have their own SIAM model and method of working for each ITIL process

With each service provider bringing their own processes, standards, and frameworks, adopting SIAM might seem to be a recipe for disaster. However, SIAM ensures consistency by adopting a best-in-breed, multi-tenant model that will meet business requirements through strategic management. 

Achieving an ideal SIAM model for an organization requires governance (strategic, tactical, and operational), management, coordination, and integration. This model can be well adapted for a B2B integration set-up as well.

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