David Stevens - Director VMRI


It was nice to work with Tom at the Flemish Human Rights Institute (VMRI). Although we only worked together for six months, it was clear to me from the start that Tom was thorough in his work. He uses a hands-on approach and does not shy away from his responsibility as an IT manager. Partly thanks to him, the establishment of the Flemish Human Rights Institute became a technological success.

Bart Cornu - CRO Patronale Life:


Tom is a very hands-on manager who is able to manage an IT team in an efficient way. Tom always honors his commitments and is transparent in his communication and progress reports.
On top of this, Tom has a very friendly character and is easy to work with.

Sonja Tielen - FO Carglass:

Tom joined the Carglass organization at the beginning of the implementation of a new ERP-system and while preparing the move of the distribution center from 6 to 1 location. Tom was able to give the IT organisation directions and guidance in these busy times. He showed profound organizational skills and was able to motivate people in a changing environment. The distribution center was successfully moved to Bilzen and he installed IT support which assures the continuïty of a warehouse of 40000m² and deliveries to customers worldwide. Thanks for a great job done, Tom!

Yves Sterckx - Program Manager Carglass:


I worked with Tom in a digital transformation program at Carglass®. Tom had a good business feeling which helped him set the correct priorities. His make happen skills and general, broad, IT knowledge together with his people management skills made him the perfect IT Manager to turn around a difficult situation into a futureproof organization. Thanks, Tom for your support and willingness to change the organization.

Michael Vandenbulcke - IT engineer BESIX:

For the past year and a half I had the pleasure to work with Tom at BESIX. In this period he was in charge of the IT infrastructure and with him in the lead we booked years of progress that otherwise wouldn't have been possible!

He always listens to advice and recommendations and takes these into account for the IT strategy. He's a great asset to the team and to the company. I would love to work with him again.

TJ Buffaloe - CSO  LBC Tank Terminals:

One could say that it is hard to believe...But here is the truths as I know them. And I dare anyone to find a IT person that posses the human skills necessary to take such a frustrating task (listening to us whine mostly) and finding solutions for his customer that will amaze. He doesn't force IT on you, he has a way of convincing you to embrace it to improve you life and to make you successful.

Provide Tom a challenge.... go ahead. He's up to it.
He should have walked away from me on numerous occasions. Told me to deal with the problems we created and have fun with it. But that's not Tom.
He actually hears you through all of the ranting and before you're finished, he's most likely cured you of the virus you caused.

So in a nutshell, we could talk about his IT expertise.... Servers that are pure magic even though I didn't provide the best. Networks that ran without the luxury of fiber. Equipment that I failed to respect or (have) or take time to clean. Let's just say, I provided real world challenges. He amazed. With the patience of someone twice his years. With the expertise... of genius

To sum it up, Tom is one of the most respectful person I have ever had the pleasure to have a conversation with and to work with. He is extremely competent, but not because of his knowledge set with IT.

OK. He's a great computer guy too.
But his skill set is not limited to his trade.
I will miss him as a colleague, but will always know him as a friend.

Samantha Suire - VP SolvPro:


Tom was a great asset to work with during the Migration Project for LBC Tank Terminal. He is very tech savy, detail oriented, and extremely good manager. Tom and I worked both internationally and US based for almost a year doing a very high-level consolidation of co-location infrastructure, Communication consolidation, Disaster Recovery testing, and systems integration for a Corporate Wide IT Consolidation. He was a true charm to work with and a great asset of knowledge. I would highly recommend Tom for any Infrastructure Project in the future.

Hanspeter K. Schurter - CFO Crossrail:


During my time at Crossrail as a Director, we merged with DLC, Dillen Le Jeune Cargo NV. One of the projects was to integrate and merge the IT tools, spread over 4 countries.
Tom was responsible for the IT within DLC NV; soon I noticed that Tom had the necessary skills and know-how to merge the systems and he was given the responsibility for the Group IT. Under my leadership, Tom was also responsible for the complete outsourcing process of the new IT set-up of Crossrail; he has executed this task excellently. Tom is a responsible and trustworthy person, able to work under pressure and without constant supervision; he has proven that to me as his office was in Antwerp and I was based in Switzerland. His behavior towards suppliers was always professional and has therefore represented Crossrail at its best in his field of operation.

Louis van Hoye - COO Crossrail:


Tom and I faced several challenges at Crossrail that demanded close cooperation between IT and business. Tom has always shown a high degree of professionalism in his approach and a good understanding of business needs with the ability to translate them to the appropriate IT solutions. And he is a nice guy to work with.

Stefaan Hermans - CIO Carglass:

I worked with Tom for more than 2 years at our Carglass® DIG-IT department.

Tom was our IT operations manager and finally responsible for our full infrastructure (including cloud solutions) and service desk for our three business units: Glass – Carrosserie and European Distribution Centre. Needless to say that in a VUCA world, especially technology and (internal) customer expectations are rapidly changing.

Tom has the competency to keep track in this VUCA world with his priorities and keeps a clear overview of all huge change programs.

Strategically and tactically in a very pragmatic way. He’s really contributing and adding value to our long-term IT & digital strategy!

Brian Conlon - CIO Howrey LLP:


It was a pleasure working with Tom. While working under unreasonable distractions and pressures, he provided incredible service while displaying a professional and pleasant demeanor.