ICT Service Management

The ICT environment determines the optimal operation of a company.

No continuity in the field of ICT means: no continuity in your business management. Unfortunately ICT management often has an ‘ad hoc’ character and it is difficult to estimate the costs.
The management services of JATO offers you the possibility to focus entirely on your company management. JATO takes over all or part of your operational or tactical ICT tasks. So you can count on your ICT environment, also in times of change. The result? Increased continuity at a fixed price per month.
If you're starting a new office in Belgium or would like to open an office abroad and you need to carry out "one IT vision & strategy", JATO should be your partner

  • Your company is strongly dependent on ICT,
  • Your ICT environment is complex,
  • You have to learn constantly, and attend extra training to keep your standard of knowledge and experience up because of the fast evolutions of ICT,
  • The knowledge of your ICT environment is not de-doubled,
  • Your ICT management has an ad hoc character,
  • Your ICT environment must always be working,
  • You want to control your ICT environment,
  • Your ICT environment has to evolve in a flexible way together with your company,
  • You want predictable costs,
  • You grow from an ad hoc to a proactive approach,
  • You gain insight into the functioning and evolution of your ICT environment,
  • You have permanent access to specialized knowledge,
  • You dispose of a set of management services made to size,
  • You have control at a fixed price per month

Outsourced ICT Management

  • ICT Strategy
    We work closely with your Leadership Team and delve into your organizational mission and culture in order to create and align a customized IT strategy that helps achieve and support your overall business objectives and goals.
  • ICT Management
    We ensure that adequate resources are available to manage key initiatives such as Capital and Operating Budgets, Management of Hardware Software and Data Services, Security and Redundancy, Disaster Recovery, and the Identification and Implementation of Strategic Goals.
  • ICT Planning
    We provide skilled and ongoing review, analysis and evaluation of a spectrum of global technology solutions such as cloud services or M2M. We identify new technologies and assess international trends for their applicability in addressing your organization’s needs.
  • ICT Implementation
    We get IT done. We identify, acquire and assign the resources. We plan the project, implement it, and provide a full review on completion.
  • ICT Operations
    We actively monitor your organization’s core IT infrastructure, including its servers, network, wireless technology, voice and video. But also CCTV systems, SCADA and industrial automation infrastructures. We observe the usage of data/file/physical space and proactively maintain parameters to avoid potential issues of core service outages. We also supervise Line of Business core applications and databases.
  • ICT Support
    We provide exceptional capabilities to configure, set up, monitor and maintain end-user systems and applications — ranging from PCs and laptops to tablets and smart phones. We bring the support you need to reach your business objectives.


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