Over 27 years in the ICT Industry. Specializing in ICT management and a wide area of ICT systems.
My communication skills in combination with my experience allow me to be successful in what I do.
Working with different people is what I really like, where customer satisfaction and wellbeing are my motivator and after all, coaching became my passion. Strategic ICT consulting, management & advice: business focused by going for effectiveness and efficiency by means of teamwork;

  • Define, articulate and lead implementations of business strategy;
  • Domains: ICT, Oil and Gas industry, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Law, Construction, Retail, Media, etc.
  • Projects successfully completed in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, China & Singapore,
  • Inspire cultural change,
  • Business and IT alignment,
  • Digital transformation,
  • IT organizational (re)design,
  • IT strategy roadmap,
  • Merges, acquisitions and carve-outs,
  • Cyber incident response services,
  • Engage, lead, and empower people to maximize results,
  • Personal Growth and development,
  • Professional development,
  • Project management,
  • Change management,


  • Name: Tom Janssen - Director
  • Email: management@jato.be
  • Phone: +32 (0) 477.93.15.02
  • Date of birth: 06 August 1975
  • Address: Belgium.
  • Nationality: Belgian