Cyber incident response services

"Cyber incident response services" While your internal and/or external IT and security specialists work hard to ensure that every network component is both secure against intruders and fully available to legitimate users, a single vulnerability can offer an
open door to any cyber criminal intent on gaining control over your information systems. No one is immune.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for small to mid-sized organisations to prevent information security incidents. But while it may not always be possible to halt an attack before it penetrates your security perimeter, it’s absolutely in our power to limit the resultant damage and to prevent the attack from spreading.

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The overall aim of Incident Response is to reduce the impact of a security breach or an attack on your IT environment. The service covers the entire incident investigation cycle, from the onsite acquisition of evidence to the identification of additional indications of compromise, preparing a remediation plan and completely eliminating the threat to your organisation, including a notification of the official authority (GDPR incident).

We do this by:
• Identifying compromised resources.
• Isolating the threat.
• Preventing the attack from spreading.
• Finding and gathering evidence.
• Analysing the evidence and reconstructing the incident’s chronology and logic.
• Analysing the malware used in the attack (if any malware is found).
• Uncovering the sources of the attack and other potentially compromised systems (if possible).
• Conducting tool-aided scans of your IT infrastructure to reveal possible signs of compromise.
• Analysing outgoing connections between your network and external resources to detect anything suspicious (such as possible command and control servers).
• Eliminating the threat.
• Recommending further remedial actions you can take.

JATO CIRS Cyber Incident Response Service
is designed to help your small or mid-sized business manage and overcome critical security events. Our experienced experts are skilled at mitigating the damaging effects of cyber-attacks, investigating how they propagate and providing swift, clear remediation advice.

  • Support and assistance 24/7
    Should the worst happen, our experienced incident responders are always on hand to assist your business’ response and help minimise any possible damage.
  • Thorough breach investigation
    We utilise host-based analysis, the latest digital forensic techniques and reverse engineering to help identify the type and source of an attack, how it spread, and what systems, data and personnel have been compromised.
  • Full incident reporting
    By conducting a detailed post-incident review and producing clear reports, our experts help to communicate the effects of a breach to relevant stakeholders and assist with the implementation of short and long-term remedial actions.
    If privacy related data has been compromised, authorities have to be informed according to GDPR regulation.

JATO CIRS Cyber Incident Response Service
Our mission and principles:

  • Thinking like a hacker:
    We stake our reputation on keeping pace with those instigating cyber-attacks.
    By fostering a collaborative approach between ethical hackers and
    security analysts, we possess a deep understanding of ‘offensive security’ and utilise this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of our services.
  • Offering clear advice:
    Cyber security can be daunting but JATO ensures it doesn’t have to be.
    By working closely with our customers and using plain language, we take
    away the hassle and confusion of managing security in-house, offering the
    assurance organisations needs to focus on core business activity.
  • Exceeding expectations:
    We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to ensure our
    customers receive the best possible threat information, analysis and advice.
    Our customer satisfaction and retention levels are exceptional, reflecting the
    talent and dedication of our team.

JATO CIRS Cyber Incident Response Service

If you have a cyber security incident, why choose JATO CIRS?

  • A team of experienced security experts qualified to world-class standards
  • Cost-effective, scalable services that remove the need for upfront investment in security resources
  • A deep understanding of how attackers operate
  • In-depth security analysis and advice that cuts through the complexity
  • A commitment to continuously enhance our services using the best technology and intelligence
  • Regular service reviews to support evolving security needs
  • Rapid response, without the need for a service contract

JATO CIRS Cyber Incident Response Service

Has your organisation been a target of cyber criminals, have you been "under attack" and data might have been compromised, don't wait and contact the JATO CIRS Cyber Incident Response Service

After receiving your call (prefered) or your e-mail we will immediately discuss with you the services we could provide in order to prevent the attack from spreading and to isolate the threat.

We will make an appointment if we have to come onsite for further investigation and/or analysing the evidence.

Sometimes advice could be given remotely.


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