COVID-19… are you ready?

COVID-19… are you ready?

Exactly 4 days ago I wrote my previous blog post regarding the COVID-19 virus. I wrote: “COVID-19 is widely spread at the moment of writing my blog article, but it’s still no pandemic. There is no need currently to panic, but it’s time to verify, establish and update your emergency preparedness plans.

Today, the question is: are you ready / is your company prepared for business continuity?
  • Are business continuity plans available and tested?
  • Is crisis communication prepared?
  • Video conferencing, audio conferencing, conference bridges, etc?
  • Are key people aware and trained to work remotely during a longer period of time?
  • Are key business processes well documented and key holders assigned?
  • Focus on those departments which are really business-critical, such as payment processing, operations, shipping, etc. Make sure that these could work remotely.
  • Identify critical suppliers of goods and services, talk about their business continuity plans,
It’s time to be prepared

The next couple of days will be crucial, if more infection are reported, the government might decide to go to Level 3 precautions, which may include the closure of certain areas, schools, etc.
Although it’s too early for this, you better be thoughtful and well prepared!

If you need advice on any of these topics, feel free to reach out: click here

Official information from the Flemish government could be found here