COVID-19 … IT preparedness

COVID-19 … IT preparedness

COVID-19 is widely spread at the moment of writing my blog article, but it’s still no pandemic. There is no need currently to panic, but it’s time to verify, establish and update your emergency preparedness plans.

From an IT point of view, it could become necessary to increase home working facilities in order to let employees work more from home, avoiding contact with others while keeping your business up and running.

In order to be prepared, take the following actions into account:

– Make sure, key personnel has been equipped with mobile devices,
– Make sure, a reliable VPN solution is put in place,
– Verify VPN bandwidth, available licenses, and concurrent users, taking the possible new situation into account,
– Update, train and evaluate IT emergency preparedness plans,
– Address urgent vulnerabilities if needed,
– Inform and train key personnel on how to work under these circumstances,
– Update, inform and train crisis communication plans,
– Focus on business continuity for key-critical business processes,
– Are you a small business: don’t think this isn’t applicable to you. In the case of a virus outbreak, you might be more vulnerable due to the small number of employees.

Your IT partner will be able to help you with this process.

More information:

The latest information about COVID-19 from the WHO is available: here

Latest instructions from the WHO organization on workplace readiness:

Informatie van de Vlaamse overheid voor ondernemers: klik hier

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