Advice to CIO’s in 2018

It’s time to think like the millennial who will become the CIO of 2030. Imagine and evolve your own and your IT leaders’ ethos and style. Embrace the agile “servant-leadership” practice of “leading from behind” to enable greater autonomy, creativity and self-management across the IT workforce.

Develop alternate scenarios for the IT organisation that extend the principles of agile teams. Encourage your workforce to experiment with different ways of organising and working, continually observing, reflecting, learning and adapting. Help emerging IT pod leaders to be creative in how they monitor, understand and support their people as individuals with extreme flexibility in forming and reforming groupings or teams.

Demonstrate and strongly support cross-domain collaboration and risk-tolerant exploration to rapidly accelerate “idealization to delivered value” cycles for the enterprise. Start now to find opportunities to challenge people, take them out of their comfort zones to work in teams they may never have thought of, and explore their boundaries as an experiment and an innovation stimulus.

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